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Cast Iron Crow

Arkayic Revolt

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Tommy Bolin of Sioux City IA played for Deep Purple, The James Gang, Zephyr and others and on his own he has opened for Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton and more. Joe Walsh (later of Eagles fame) recommended that Tommy be the one to replace him in the James Gang, however when Tommy Bolin was playing on his own, he died during a 1976 tour ...opening for Jeff Beck in Miami Florida, he was 25 years old.(All this happened after Bolin was kicked out of Sioux City IA Central High school "age 15" because he refused to cut his hair, just before Bolin migrated to Denver CO.) most of this information is from a book called Touched by Magic The Tommy Bolin Story.

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple).
First Guitar player to Replace Ritchie Blackmore.
Tommy Bolin's Teaser played by Motley Crue from Decade of Decadence.
Welcome to Mikey Rules.
Mikey Rules Streaming Commercial Free Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Blues Music from Kansas City KS USA

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